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happy birthday pig images A toddler shocked her family by shouting out the F-word after hearing it on children's cartoon show Peppa Pig. Innocent Kiannah Cox, two, blurted out the the words "f***ing gazelles" after copying what she heard in an episode of the TV show.And her disgruntled mum Natalie, 30, has hit out at the creators of the popular Peppa Pig show.

The offending episode, titled "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party" features on a DVD boxset Natalie brought for her Peppa Pig-mad daughter.In the TV broadcast of the show it sounds like "Rocking Gazelle's" happy birthday pig images but on the DVD it sounds like something else altogether.Ashley Baker Davies, creators of Peppa Pig, said "any misunderstanding was unintentional

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